Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. My name’s Greg Palmer, a game show enthusiast and frequent visitor to BuzzerBlog. Just consider me the Gavin McLeod of this whole nautical operation on a slow boat to The Land of Parting Gifts. On this voyage, you’ll get my opinions, my views, and a unique perspective on game shows. Sure, it may seem like something my collegue Alex Davis may write, but it’ll be different.

Now, I’d like to explain the roots of my title, “Slow Boat to the Land of Parting Gifts”. It’s a portmandeu of 2 popular phrases. The first one is “Slow Boat to China”, the name of a popular song from the 30s and 40s. The second is “the Land of Parting Gifts”. For those of you that don’t know what parting gifts are, I shall explain. Now, in the past, game shows used to give away consolation prizes for “departing contestants”. These prizes would be described during the closing credits by announcers including Johnny Jacobs, Johnny Olson, and Gene Wood. Now, you’ll pay attention to the fact that all 3 announcers I just mentioned are dead. That’s because parting gifts are essentially dead, which is a shame, because who wouldn’t want to go home with a blender and a supply of Rice-a-Roni? Nowadays, most shows prefer to give cash to losers (usually $1,000) or losers go home with nothing (which was the case on shows such as Millionaire and 1 vs. 100). The only show that continues to give out merchandise for “contestants not appearing on stage” is The Price is Right.

Now, here I’ll be posting links, videos, stuff like that. If you have any comments or questions, just let me know.


About gameking77

I'm an average guy who loves game shows and interviewing people.
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  1. Diana Maria says:

    I was looking for information about John Davidson and discovered your blog. I’ve spent time reading through it and I like the concept. To get some insight on you and your concept, I went to the ‘About’ page and there was nothing helpful so I decided to read your initial post. This post is interesting. This would make a good ‘About’ page post and also make it easier for visitors to learn about this blog. Now that I know you’re here, I’ll return.
    Diane Maria

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