What Went Wrong? Episode 8: Interview with Dean Goss

Today, we have a holiday treat for you. It’s an interview with Dean Goss, announcer from High Rollers and The All-New Let’s Make a Deal. He’s currently recording from his home studio in San Diego, and he was nice enough to allow me to interview him over Facebook.

Greg Palmer: Hello, Dean. According to your Wikipedia page, your first announcing job was as Monty Hall’s 2nd sidekick on The All-New Let’s Make a Deal, after Brian Cummings. How’d you manage to replace Bumblelion?

Dean Goss: I was working as the morning personality on K-Earth 101 in Los Angeles in the 80’s when I hosted the Jerry Lewis Telethon. I was seen that weekend by an agent with CCA. He called me at the radio station and asked if I’d be interested in doing game show work, of course I said yes. He sent me on the audition to be Monty’s announcer and side kick on LMAD and I beat out (get this) Phil Hartman for the job.

GP: Now, according to one video on YouTube, newzak1972 claims that you claimed that Monty was going to give you the hosting job if this particular version was cleared for the ’86-’87 season. That was an exciting prospect I’m sure. I’m watching this video and I’m very sure you could’ve pulled it off. I’m sorry that it didn’t last as long as it did. Still, 2 years is very nice.

DG: When Monty wanted to retire from the show he asked if I’d be interested in hosting LMAD, of course again I said Yes. So for audition purposes he asked me to host two segments and I did. All parties were happy with my performance, but Telepictures at the time felt it would be too hard of a sell without Monty, so it didn’t happen.

GP: That’s very interesting, because according to this video on YouTube, you claimed NBC wouldn’t let you host because “the show is Monty.” Well, somebody didn’t want you to host. Ironically, the show’s doing pretty well now without him. Have you seen the new Deal with Wayne Brady? If so, what do you think of it?

DG: I have not seen the Wayne Brady version, but remember I was going to follow Monty immediately not years later like Wayne. Wayne can bring it to a new audience who has no clue about Monty.

GP: Do you have any memories you’d like to share about Deal?

DG: I once was so tired at the end of the taping days when I was also doing mornings on K-Earth 101 that I accidentally gave a price by mistake to a contestant. I felt terrible about it but Monty had a ball with it and it all went well.

GP: Next is something very interesting. You announced for a kids’ show, I’m Telling. This is essentially The Newlywed Game for kids, and produced by the 2 greatest producers on the face of the Earth for children, Saban and DiC. How did you get involved with this?

DG: My agent got me the gig with Saban on I’m Telling, it was a great show and lots of fun to do. At the time I was one of the new announcers and got a lot of pilots and shows in the 80’s. Then when Oprah hit, everyone wanted to do talk formats on TV and game shows died away as we know them during the day.

GP: Next is one of my favorites, High Rollers. You were the announcer of the Wink Martindale version. Tell us about that, please.

DG: High Rollers was a long day each taping because of all the rehearsal time needed. I enjoyed everyone on the show and Wink is the best. I did several pilots with Wink, both on camera and off as announcer. Again, during the time, it was just bad timing as game shows were not being sought, everyone was doing Oprah copies.

GP: Now for something really interesting, The $25,000 Pyramid. You were one of a few substitutes for the CBS version.

DG: I got called when Johnny [Gilbert] was not available and did enjoy working [with] the master Dick Clark. We did 10 shows a day on Saturday and 10 a day on Sunday, with a 15 minute turnaround. I remember sitting at the dinner break and asking Dick if he dyed his hair and he said no, I believe him, it did not look that way.

GP: So, what are you doing now? Do you have any projects to keep you busy?

DG: Today, I’m doing radio and voice over work from my home studio. I live in San Diego and enjoy the success of my son Chris who works at ABC Studios as manager of production.
GP: Finally, Dean, what advice do you have for people who want to enter your field of work?
DG: LOVE IT because it’s no different than wanting to be a actor or model or writer. Keep at it, don’t quit and never think you can’t do it. You’ll be surprised when the phone rings and you[‘re] on a show.

GP: Thanks, Dean.

I’ll have more soon.

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