ABC’s Getting a Quiz Show with a Twist

This story comes to us from BuzzerBlog. Apparently, ABC has bought the rights to a new quiz show from the creator of Deal or No Deal called You Deserve It!.  Here, for reference, is what the logo looks like (from SevenOne International’s website).

There's a catch, though.

Here are the basic rules. Contestants have to play ten different clue based questions, each containing ten clues leading to the answer. (OK, so that’s an element from GSN’s 20Q.)  Each additional clue you need costs a random amount of money. (That format is already in place on the current version of Millionaire.)

But here’s the kicker. At the end of the game, you don’t get the money you’ve earned. Instead, it’s given to a person you’ve already chosen whom you feel deserves the money. As SevenOne’s website claims, “Playing to win as much as possible – to be able to give as much as possible.”

ABC already has such a show on TV, it’s called Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I must say that I don’t think this show will work. In this economy, people are looking out for numero uno. Very few people will want to risk hundreds of thousands of dollars for someone else. However, if this show must run, I would suggest putting it right after EM:HE. That’s probably the only spot that would make sense.

Here are some pictures from SevenOne’s website. They’re certainly not of the US version.

You know, it’s quite interesting. I’ve been looking at SevenOne’s website, and I’ve found a few formats that I think would be interesting to see here. Just click on the logo and you’ll be directed to the PDF.

Any suggestions?


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