Interview with Marianne Curan Goen

Here’s the other interview I was telling you about. For those of you just tuning in, I guess I never told you. Well excuse me for not telling you. Tell you what, I’ll make it up to you, we’ve got a good one this time. Her name is Marianne Curan.

Yes, she is beautiful. In a platonic kinda way. Anyway, I had a chance to interview her over Facebook.

Greg Palmer: Hi, Marianne. First off, how did you get involved in broadcasting?
Marianne Curan: Funny, the term “broadcaster” seems much loftier than most of the television jobs I’ve had. I think of myself more of a comedic actor who hosts Television and Radio. I studied theatre and broadcast journalism, getting a B.S. degree, appropriately.. I think the journalism thing was a practical choice. My dreams were always a career as an actor primarily. I hosted lots of corporate stuff in my 20’s, got the TV hosting career going in my 30’s at GSN and it took off from there.

GP: Now, some of your first work was with Game Show Network, working alongside the late Peter Tomarken. Of course, you were host in your own right. How did you get started with that?
MC: I was hired as Peter’s sidekick at GSN because he was by himself in a green screen studio with only contestants over the phone, to talk to. I gave him someone to react to & “play” with in the studio. We hit it off immediately and really made each other laugh. When he left GSN I took over his show and started hosting a couple others along the way. I stayed very good friends with him and his wife, Kathleen.

GP: I remember you best from Super Decades. That was a fun show, even though it was relatively low stakes. As an improv comedian, you must’ve had a lot of fun with contestants and the show in general. What was it like working on those shows? Do you have any experiences you’d like to share?
MC: Working on Super Decades and all of the interactive games was a tremendous challenge but really honed my improv skills. I think that’s where my comedic chops combined with my hosting experience gave me an advantage. My favorite part of hosting is interacting with the audience, the contestants. It’s my forte, I think. A good host has to keep in mind that the guests or contestants are really the star of the show. But trust me there were many times I was tap dancing pretty hard on live TV. My favorite story was awarding a fancy crystal chandelier prize to some guy and asking him where he was gonna hang it. He said, “On my front porch. That way I can get a good shot at it with my bebe gun.” Thought I was gonna die laughing.

GP: Now, you were considered a candidate for Kathie Lee’s replacement, but Kelly Ripa beat you to it. Now that Regis is retiring, are you considering going after it again?
MC: Kelly Ripa ain’t going anywhere! I was very happy for the shot at that show, but took a Fox talk show pilot which took me out of the running. Still think Kelly would have gotten the job. I think they should hire my husband to replace Regis.

GP: You are married to a great guy, Bob Goen. For about a year, you two were a team on GSN Radio. I admit, I never listened to it, but I heard it was pretty good.
MC: Yes, I am married to the most amazing guy for almost 7 years now. But, I’m not sure I want to answer any more questions now that you’re confessing you never listened to us on GSN Radio!!! You missed a great show, especially for game lovers. We had a blast, gave away a lot of money. We were syndicated on 70 stations by the end but GSN still pulled the plug. They blamed it on economics. C’est la vie.

GP: I’m hearing a pretty sad story about a “List” of household repairs you two can’t afford right now. It’s humbling, I gotta say.
MC: “The List” is one of many stories I’m writing. I am a writer in addition to acting, hosting, etc. Just pursuing it more these days. I guess everyone can relate to the subject in “The List” …this damned recession. It’s hurting a lot of us in the industry.

GP: Marianne, you’ve seen GSN’s current condition. They had a marathon of The Newlywed Game (with Sherri Sheppard) on Christmas Day and a Baggage marathon on New Year’s Day. What do you think about it? Has GSN forgotten its original intentions?
MC: I haven’t seen much of GSN lately. Not sure what their programming intentions are.

GP: Finally, Marianne, what advice do you have for people who want to enter your field of work?
MC: My career advice is…follow your dreams, but do your homework. Be a student of the biz & and never stop working on improving. Take advantage of new technology & self promote, but do it carefully. Put our your best effort not just any effort (i.e You Tube, etc..) Network & connect with people who can help you (which I’m so not good at and wish I were!) Be patient, but persistent.

Thanks, Marianne. That was a very nice interview, and it proves that cable pays. Hopefully, you’ll get to hear from her husband, Mr. Bob Goen. Keep watching.


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