New “Lingo”: Cash Overkill?

Hi again, I’m back. Sorry, I don’t have an interview for you today, but I’d like to express my opinion. It’s based on this new version of Lingo. Recently, Hollywood Junket leaked the updated rules on their website. Yes, I know Alex already has an article about this. I’ll just quote him.

“According to Hollywood Junket, answering the word correctly gives you money.  Round one words are worth $100, $200 in round two, and $500 in round three.  Getting the word also lets you draw two Lingo balls and hope to achieve a Lingo, winning the round.  Red “stoppers” are still in each hopper, passing control to the other team.  They’ve finally added prize balls, a welcome change, giving you a bonus prize.  The winning team plays Bonus Lingo and attempts to solve up to five bonus words without the extra clues.  Each correct word doubles the team’s bank and solving five in 60 seconds will award the team the new top prize of $100,000.  Given that the former grand prize started at $10,000 and that was pretty hard to win, this is a massive increase.  The team keeps whatever they won even if they don’t get the $100,000.”

EDIT: From a comment on Alex’s page:

“The first round consists of 3 words. The second, 4, and the third, back to 3. So only 10 words total are used in the main game. You may wonder what occupies all the other time. Well, at the beginning of the show, and before each round Bill spends at least a minute or two with each team. The Lingo Balls are on a rack behind the contestants in four rows of five consisting of 16 numbers, 2 stoppers, 1 mystery/wild, and 1 prize ball. The bonus round is actually 5 words in 90 seconds. The first word matches the team’s bank, each thereafter doubles until all five words are solved for $100,000. So if a team wins $2,000 in the main game, and gets 4 words in the bonus, they win $18,000 ($2,000 doubled three times to $16,000, plus the original $2,000). There are no bonus letters in the bonus round, except on the first word. Progressive Insurance gives the team a third letter on that first word.”

Gee whiz, solving 5 words in 90 seconds is worth $100,000 now? Where was this budget before, GSN? They’re making this game too easy, especially now that host Bill Engall is giving clues to each word, a la Scrabble.

And when you think about it, this money could’ve been used to buy rights to more classics. All in all, I think it’s overkill.

Still, we’ll see how this turns out. It premieres this June on GSN.


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