Response: May 28, 2011

This is the part of the page where I respond to various things, most notably the Morning Buzz created by another blog. Just think of me as the Stephen Colbert to that other blog’s Jon Stewart.

* First up, Ben Bailey from Cash Cab is slated to host Who’s Still Standing?, the NBC version of that Israeli favorite, Still Standing. Now, I like the Cab, but I personally don’t think Ben’s the right choice. IMO, the ideal choice for a game of this magnitude should be someone who has experience with drop zones. I’ll give you 3 guesses, and the first two don’t count. Also, there’s the title. Who’s Still Standing? What’s wrong with the original title?

Oh, that’s right. We still have that show in reruns, don’t we?

I’ve been reading the comments on that other blog (which has been named before multiple times), and I agree with a comment made by Andrew. He writes: If they could just get the rights from Elton John et al, they could call the show “I’m Still Standing” (with the song as the theme music).

And you know, that does sound like a better idea.

If Don’t Forget the Lyrics! can do it with the Doobie Brothers, this show can do it with Elton.


* Next, The Price is Right is getting a new director, Michael Dimich. Rich Brian DiPirro is leaving  the show and I’m pretty sure the odds are good that he’ll be starting in Season 40. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, then this will.

If this is any indication of what happens to Price, then I think we should be fine. Just don’t get Patrick Wayne involved.


* And finally, this just in from Broadcasting and Cable. NBC’s dating reality series Love in the Wild is being delayed until June 29th. That’s one day after The Voice‘s season finale. Personally, I think this is a wise move, but it makes you wonder. The magazine says that this move will give it more advertising time, but I think there may also be some editing issues that need to be resolved.



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