Response: May 29, 2011

And a happy Sunday to everybody. I’ve got the Slow Boat page up on Facebook now so you can like me. Anyway, I’ve got some hot news.

* First off, you remember yesterday when I told you about Michael Dimich, the new Price director? Well, last week, I sent a message to his cell phone (via Facebook, of course) asking him for an interview about his credentials. He sent a message back, and here’s what he said.

“I question my opponent’s credentials. And won’t waste another moment on the conversation. Put that on your blog”

Ooh, touchy. Thanks for the soundbyte, Mike. What could this possibly mean? Today, I sent an e-mail to Rich Brian DiPirro inviting him for an interview. We’ll see what he says.


* Next, this article comes to us from Variety. Sasuke, better known here as G4’s Ninja Warrior, is coming to Malaysia. An estimated 70 to 100 contestants will compete over 3 days in a local version of the course in Kuala Lumpur. The winner will compete in Sasuke 27, being held this summer. How soon we get it depends on how soon Dave Wittenberg can finish narrating.

According to the report, “half the people [in Malaysia] under 30 are overweight”. I myself am struggling with weight, but I’ve discovered a solution. Milk.


* A bit of business news from The New York Times. Publishing company Hearst will buy a 50% stake of Mark Burnett Productions and any of Burnett’s future projects. According to the article, Survivor and The Apprentice are off the table, but Shark Tank and The Voice are on. Does this mean we’ll see a Hearst byline under those flames in Mark’s logo? I’d sure like to see it.


* Finally, an opinion piece. As you know, All My Children and One Life to Live are both getting axed in favor of two talk shows, much to the chagrin of game show fans alike. I don’t know what ABC is thinking. I’m pretty sure that they’ve been looking at The Talk over at CBS, and I don’t think it’s a good idea. Daytime TV is crowded with talk shows already. If it’s not a group of doctors, it’s a tabloid psychologist or Ellen DeGeneres. Good grief, it seems you can’t turn on a TV between the hours of 9AM to noon without seeing at least 2 talk shows! And ABC, you’ve already got The View. Do you seriously need two more?

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.


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