Response: May 31, 2011

Well, here I am again. I hope you all had a good Memorial Day yesterday. I know I did. But now, we’re all back at work. I didn’t come up with a response yesterday because a) the other blog didn’t, and b) I couldn’t find any good news stories. Well, today, that’s different.

* I’m looking over at the other blog which shall remain nameless, and the only thing that is truly picking up my attention is a story from the Guardian. Apparently, Simon Cowell’s latest pet project, Red or Black, will not be co-produced by the UK’s National Lottery. Seems to me the only logical step would be to get a company to sponsor it, like Pepsi did with Play for a Billion about a decade ago. I’m sure you’ll remember this….

Now, let us think about it carefully. Red or Black is a publicity stunt for ITV. I think Simon Cowell is doing what he does best. He certainly knows how to operate a program. And he also wants to take this to the US. He’s taking The X Factor, he already has America’s Got Talent (season premiere tonight at 8/7c on NBC)…… what next?


* Speaking of X Factor, this story came in from The Hollywood Reporter.  Cheryl Cole, a long-time judge, is being kicked off the panel not only on the upcoming Fox version, but also in the UK. One of the reasons? Her heavy British regional accent, which involves drawn-out vowels and clipped words, originating from Newcastle. Of course, I have a feeling Simon’s battle with Fox is another publicity stunt. Simon Cowell is known for drawing hype to his shows. He certainly knows how to maintain their focal point in the news.

Back to the accent. This reminds me of a cartoon I saw a long time ago on Cartoon Network. It was an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory entitled “Accent You Hate”. Long story short, the school bully cannot stand Dexter’s German accent or any of his friends’ accents. Of course, all the minorities gather around him and the bully ends up slamming his face into the statue. His lips swell up and for a time, he gets an accent. In the end, he becomes more accepting. I’m watching the video on the Reporter’s website, and I can understand Cole just fine.


* Finally, this isn’t strictly game show-related, but I’ll see if I can work it in. This story comes from New York Post. Nancy Grace is leaving her show, Swift Justice, because she wants to be closer to her family. CBS Television Distribution (who currently syndicates the Merv Griffin Suite) wants to move the show to Los Angeles, away from Grace’s native Atlanta. Of course, Grace’s family is distraught, especially her kids.

Now, let’s compare this story to what’s happening to Family Feud. Apparently, starting this season, the show will be relocated to the Atlanta Civic Center so Steve Harvey can be closer to his family and work. Now, I haven’t seen Family Feud in a long time, probably haven’t seen a full episode since John O’Hurley and Burton Richardson left. But if Steve Harvey is allowed to stay in his hometown, why not extend the same courtesy to Nancy Grace? I just think it’s wrong.


That’s all, folks. See you tomorrow.


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