Response: June 8, 2011

Welcome again to Response.  Apparently there’s a lot more news than I thought there’d be.


* Like I said yesterday, Katie Couric’s going to work for ABC, where they’ll allow her to work on projects for their news division and her own syndicated talk show. According to The New York Times (subscription required, lotsa luck), NBC couldn’t keep up with Couric’s demands– “including the insistence that NBC guarantee that its stations would free up the 4 p.m. hour for Ms. Couric”. Free up the 4 PM hour? That was already free as is, at least at my affiliate. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Of course, there’s also “what Ms. Couric’s team viewed as NBC’s inexperience in the syndication business”. 

That’s plum ridiculous. Just look at this, or if you don’t trust Wikipedia, this. You can see how much “inexperience” NBCUniversal has.

As for CBS, here’s what Bill Carter (from the Times) said….

“CBS made an impressive push, Ms. Couric said, led by Mr. Moonves, who remained a strong supporter of Ms. Couric through her tenure on the evening news. But CBS wanted Ms. Couric to focus on the syndicated show, not a continuing role with its news division. She could have worked for ’60 Minutes’ during the year until the start of the syndicated show in 2012. But under the deal CBS was proposing, that opportunity would have ended with the premiere of the syndicated show.”

In other words, CBS wants to keep their former Golden Girl (no offense or relation to Ms. Getty, Ms. Arthur, Ms. McClanahan, or Betty White) away from the newsroom.

I personally am glad she decided to go with ABC, and I wish her all the best.

You may ask, “How does this relate to game shows?” Well, I’ll say it here and now. I think Katie Couric could be the next Oprah, if she’s careful enough. This means nothing but bad news for us game show fans. With ABC replacing 2 of their soaps with talk shows, and adding Couric’s show next year, there’s a very low chance of any ABC affiliate getting a new game show. (Of course, Millionaire is still pretty nice.)

Meanwhile, CBS has gone retro! (courtesy of HulkieG at YouTube)


* Speaking of NBC…… according to various news sources, including TVNewsCheck, the Peacock Network’s picked up US broadcasting rights to the Olympic Games through 2020. Now, I am a fan of this network. They’ve done a lot of good over the past 85 years they’ve been on the airwaves (in one form or another). However, this I must confess….. I was born in 1989, a year after ABC’s final broadcast of the Winter Olympics. The first broadcast of the games I remember seeing was Atlanta in 1996.

Yet, I was surprised to learn some time ago that ABC once had rights to the games. Here’s what you might have seen in 1984:

This news is good news for game show fans. You won’t have to worry about the Olympics interrupting your fix of Wheel and Jeopardy (unless of course they’re on your local NBC affiliate, but that’s probably not the case).  For me, if ABC had gotten or ever does get back the rights, it’ll probably end up being another ESPN project. I think NBC is keeping the sanctity of these games alive.


* We’re continuing to follow the story on Cheryl Cole, the former X Factor judge who was allegedly kicked off because of her accent. According to The Hollywood Reporter, FremantleMedia wants her to get a U.S. visa so she can appear as a judge. Apparently, Cole also bought a house in Los Angeles because she was counting on this job. According to another article from the same paper, Cole may also become a judge of the British version of NBC’s mega-hit The Voice.

This ought to be a great comeback for her, considering that (and this is my opinion) Voice is about the same as The X Factor, except there’s a lot more vocal talent required. Heck, it’s about the same as Idol and Got Talent, in that the audience ultimately decides who wins. This ought to be a bit of vindication.


And that’s all for today. I hope you’ll join me tomorrow. Until then, peace!


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