Response: June 9, 2011

Hi there.

* Did you see what happened last night on Lingo? Turns out GSN wasn’t pulling our chain. Somebody did win $100,000 last night.  has the video, but I won’t post it here. However, it really didn’t feel like a win. That’s one of the problems I have with this new format (and I’m sure I’m not alone). The money is too easy to earn. All I can say is that we have a new game here.


* Got an article here from Entertainment Weekly. The X Factor, coming this fall to Fox, held auditions in New Jersey, and EW’s finest got to sit in on a session. In a nutshell, the auditions here are about the same as the singing auditions of America’s Got Talent, except the audience is a bit more supportive. No booing under any certain terms, and no arm-waving to  rock anthems. Here are some examples from the British version of what we might see.


* You remember that TLC show Extreme Couponing? My mom loves that show, she has the series set to record on her DVR. Anyway, TLC’s doing it again with a pilot called “High Stakes Sweepers”.  This show will profile people who spend more than 60 hours a week participating in sweepstakes. This show seems perfect, especially in this economy. It also reminds me of a certain reality show that used to be on ABC, Wife Swap. I don’t see it on their schedule anymore, which is a shame because I liked it. (see the link for more information)


* Speaking of TLC, you know what should be there? That new antique show, Buried Treasure. According to a Fox press release (via Futon Critic), it’s set to premiere Wednesday, August 24 at 8/7c. It features antiquing’s answer to Hikaru and Kaoru, the Leigh brothers.

Seem like a couple of nice guys. I don’t think the show’s meant for Fox, though.


* Another show my mom really enjoys is So You Think You Can Dance. Well, according to this press release, you can now vote online at after the live performance shows. This seems to follow the trend of Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and now, The Voice. I say it’s about time, and I’m glad they’re offering it. Those text-message rates are expensive, and the phone lines tend to get jammed up a bit. This ought to allow for more votes. First performance show is Wed., June 15. Don’t miss it. I don’t think Mom will.


All right, that’s all for today. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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I'm an average guy who loves game shows and interviewing people.
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