Response: June 11, 2011

Hello again. Sorry I’m late, got caught in traffic. (Perfect excuse for any tardiness, BTW.) Anyway, I’ve got some news for you.

* First, it’s our first look at Who’s Still Standing?’s format. This comes from Hollywood Junket. Essentially, what this is is a speed version of Russian Roulette. One player, the “Hero”, faces off against 10 people in a rapid-fire trivia contest. Winner continues on, loser (literally) drops out of the competition. Naturally, the hero has an advantage over the others,  in that he’s given 2 “passes” (allowing him to skip a question he doesn’t know). If the “Hero” wins, his jackpot’s filled with an amount between $1,000 and $20,000.

Should the “Hero” win 5 duels, he’s offered a chance to cash out or continue with another pass plus some information about the remaining combatants. Should he defeat all 10, he wins a cool million.

However, should the “Hero” take a fall (pun intended), the game changes as the remaining players go into a speed round (at $1,000 per correct answer placed in another pot). Last person standing wins all the money.

Junket comments on how at ease host Ben Bailey is in front of the camera. I just think it’s refreshing not to have a B-lister with no hosting experience hosting a show. We actually have someone with experience hosting. Also, it’s a rapid-fire quiz, something that hasn’t been seen on NBC since Anne Robinson graced our screens 10 years ago. This should be exciting, and I’m looking forward to it.

Oh, and I’m sure this will fit in quite nicely. It’s not going to be used on the show (at least I don’t think so), but I just added it in because it’s fun.


* And now, we analyze the first episode of Bill Engvall’s Lingo (courtesy of  at YouTube):

First thing you notice is how involved Bill Engvall is in this show. First thing he does is tell a joke….. but that’s not all he does. Like any modern game show host, he’s now included in the opening credits. Reminicient of this, I think:

I have to admit, Vernon Kay’s pretty cool on that strike. Anyway, our Southern host must also describe the Progressive ball, meaning that GSN has found a sponsor pretty darn quick.

Plus, we have a live studio audience, so everything is played up. It just seems a bit impersonal and adds to the stress, at least in my opinion. Of course, the music’s not that much to listen to, neither are the clues.

I will say this about the clues….. if you keep your mind sharp and out of the gutter, you can get the word pretty quickly. Of course, since each round has a limit of words, you might as well stretch it out for all it’s worth.

It seems to me that casting has heavily affected the IQ quotient of the contestants. Of course, it also seems to me that it really doesn’t matter anymore how smart you are. Looks and personality are emphasized.

As for the host, Bill…… he’s OK. He’s certainly competent and friendly. However, he just isn’t Chuck.

What do you guys think of this? If you think I’m wrong, then please tell me.


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