Response: June 13, 2011 (Updated Information)

Hi again.

* Looks like Alex Davis beat me to the punch on this one. According to an audience member’s submission to BuzzerBlog, there’s some corrected information:

The Hero, the central player, gets three Passes to start. You’ll get a fourth Pass after beating five of the ten other players. The Hero cannot walk with his or her money until beating five people still. If any of the ten people beat the Hero, he or she will receive $10,000. After the Hero loses the remaining contestants play a speed round. Each attempts to answer a question. $2,000 is added to the bank for each right answer, but a wrong answer makes you drop. It goes around the circle until one is left and takes the entire bank. If it reaches $50,000 the bank is split between the remaining contestants.

Also, the ten values held by the contestants that the Hero wins by beating them may be altered, but they will add up to $100,000 each time. So it appears that if you want to win anything more than five figures you’re going to have to play until the end.

So, this removes a safety net from the game, and makes the prize budget comprable to Wheel of Fortune. A lot of people will have a chance to make money here, and I like that. I still think Mark L. Walberg should host, though.


* Again, on BuzzerBlog, Alex has managed to get himself an exclusive video preview of ABC’s newest acquisition, 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show. I found the same clip he did, but I got a message that the clip wasn’t available in this country. Strange. Anyway, I did find this (courtesy of ):

Quite appropriate, yes? Anyway, since I can’t post a preview from the American version, I’ll just have to post a full episode from the British version! (video courtesy of )

Reminder: The American version starts June 21 at 9/8c, right after a “preview special” of Wipeout on ABC. Check your local listings, just to be sure.


And that’s all for today. Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks!


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