Response: June 20, 2011 (Daytime Emmy Edition)

Hello out there. Welcome back to Response.

* As you may know, The Daytime Emmys were last night. Ben Bailey won the award for Best Game Show Host, and Wheel and Jeopardy tied for Best Game/Audience Participation Show. In my opinion, the second win was fixed. I think Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak winning the Lifetime Achievement Awards had something to do with this double Emmy win for the Merv Griffin Suite.

However, what really got me was the fact that we had Gladys Knight and Celine Dion devoting a good part of the show to tribute Oprah, but not enough time on Pat and Alex. I was also disappointed that the latter 2 were bunched together. Sure, they may be bunched together in schedules, but they shouldn’t just be thrown together in a tribute video. Alex has much more of a career than Pat does. Alex did High Rollers, Battlestars, Double Dare, and others. All Pat has done is a one-off special of College Bowl and Wheel of Fortune and that’s all.

I don’t mean to take anything away from either one, they’re both quite deserving and have been a part of Americana for years and years, even longer than Oprah. Yes, even longer than Oprah.

And so, Alex….. I tribute you (videos from YouTube).

Thank you for close to 50 years in TV, Alex.


There’s no other news today, so I’ll see you tomorrow.


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