Response: June 21, 2011

Welcome back, everyone. There’s not much game show news out there that Alex hasn’t covered already, so now for some responses.

* First off, we have a picture that TPIR host Drew Carey tweeted, and here it is.

Boy, wouldn't you like to come on down from this?

Boy, wouldn’t you like to come on down to this? Giant video wall, sweeping arches….. it’s looking more like Let’s Make a Deal all the time. Maybe Fremantle’s trying to standardize this look. I gotta say, I don’t think it’ll affect game play that much, and it’s definately modern. Somebody should get rid of that ladder, though.


* Minor note if you’re on Netflix and you have a little extra money you’d like to spend. The complete Mark McGrath run of Don’t Forget the Lyrics is up on their site right now. I’ve never been involved with Netflix, it’s too expensive. But, to each his own.


* We’ve got some pictures and rules from ABC’s new show You Deserve It! on Hollywood Junket. Chris Harrison hosts in studio, and Brooke Burns goes on location. It doesn’t sound too impressive to me.


* Here’s something I didn’t see coming. Also from the Junket, Howie Mandel is getting his own hidden camera show on Fox. They’re looking for local people in Southern California who want to quit their jobs. Ah yes, nothing says “I resign” better than a flash mob and that guy from Deal or No Deal.


* Don’t forget, tonight’s the special preview show for this summer season of Wipeout. It’s the show that’s been going on and on this year, and it’s really helped them with ratings. Heck, I’d like to see a Fall Wipeout. You land on the falling leaf or you fall in the drink.


And so, I leave you with the words of Mister Rogers.


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