Response: June 22, 2011

Hi again. Got some interesting news and opinions for you, so go ahead and grab a chair.

* First off, this story comes to us from the New York Post. Mark Burnett and NBC are giving ex-presidential candidate Donald Trump an estimated $160 million over two years to continue The Celebrity Apprentice, with some sources claiming that $65M will go directly into Trump’s pocket this year. That makes The Donald the highest-paid reality TV star, with Simon Cowell only making $45M for his entire run on American Idol.

True, Trump co-owns the show with Burnett. However, I’d like to see Burnett give raises to the cast and crew of Survivor, where his career really kicked off. After all, Jeff Probst became exec producer recently, and he’s going to be hosting for 2 more cycles (at least according to this press release).  Why not spread the money around?


* Let me preface this story by saying that there are multiple kinds of reality TV. There’s the basic competition, the makeover, and what I can best describe as “people watching”. After all, that’s why television was invented, so we could watch other people. That’s why AFV is so popular. However, 2 networks are going to create a new kind of reality. I like to call it “guerrilla promotion”. We start with the CW, and a new show called H8R (story comes from It brings celebrities up with average people who apparently hate their guts and attempts to convince them to change their minds. Some examples include Snooki and Kim Kardashian. According to this article, the network is looking for another reality show to match America’s Next Top Model. They chose this show. The show is hosted by eXtra host Mario Lopez and is slated to premiere this fall.

Conversely, Disney Channel is producing a similar show called PrankStars. This show will involve channel personalities such as Selena Gomez, Debby Ryan and Mitchell Musso. However, it seeks out fans instead of foes. It’s produced by Zoo Productions (the same company that gave you Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader and the Engvall version of Lingo) and is slated to premiere July 15. My gosh…. it seems everybody’s copying Punked. Rather, everyone seems to be copying It Could Be You.


* I saw 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show last night, and I’ll tell you what I think of it. First off, I have not seen the British version, but I did hear from a British friend that it overuses tension. I think the same could be said about this version, but even less so. It has probably just about the same timing as Fear Factor, which means you don’t find out what happens until after the commercial break. Also, the contestants take some time to chit-chat unnecessarily before they give their answer. At times it makes you want to shout….

However, the eliminations are awesome! It really goes to extremes to send contestants out of the game in style. Here’s a hint: Record the show first on a DVR (or VHS), then fast forward where necessary.


Hope you enjoyed today’s column. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

EDIT: This just in…… According to BuzzerBlog’s Facebook page, The Moment of Truth is being revived. We’ll bring you more news as it comes, but I certainly hope they bring Mark L. back.


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