Response: June 24, 2011

Hi there again. Let’s get right into it.

* Previously, I mentioned that The Moment of Truth was being revived. Based on the comments on BuzzerBlog, it’s rumored to be for daily syndication. I wouldn’t be surprised, and I do hope they bring Mark back.


* PBS is editing and presenting a 2-hour version of what many believe to be the first reality show, An American Family. According to TV Week, the “Anniversary Edition” will air nationally on July 7. It was edited down by the original filmmakers, Alan and Susan Raymond. Here’s just a preview of the original.

It’s hard to believe, but because of PBS, we have shows like this on many cable networks.


* According to, The X-Factor is going to have a 4-hour premiere spaced over 2 nights, Sept. 21 and 22. All I ask is why? For 25 years, Fox has only shown 2 hours of primetime programming on weeknights, with 3 hours on Sundays. It’s seemed to work for them, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. If you want to have a premiere longer than 2 hours on Fox, do it on a Sunday and preempt Animation Domination. That makes a heck of a lot more sense than having two nights of the same show.


* Finally, I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine from England. His name’s Sam Hodkin, and he’s starting his own blog called “Hodkin’s Log”. I can tell you that any competition we have is friendly. If I go on vacation (and I’ll make sure to tell you loyal readers), I’ll direct you to him.


Have a good weekend.


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I'm an average guy who loves game shows and interviewing people.
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