Response: June 29, 2011

Howdy, howdy, howdy. Welcome once again to Response.

* This comes to us from Digital Spy. According to an interview with Extra, Howie Mandel claims he’s qualified to judge aspiring entertainers on America’s Got Talent. He claims, “You can’t tell on television but I’m great-smelling and think I’m a phenomenal judge. I really think I have a sense of judgment, but who am I to judge?”

That’s all the story was about, folks. Howie Mandel claims he’s an excellent judge, and who am I to argue with him?


* As you know, I try to get interviews from stars. However, should I fail, I go to other sites and link you to interviews from them. This is one of them, from The Futon Critic.

This one features Darren McMullen, host of NBC’s new dating show Love in the Wild. He also hosts the Australian version of Minute to Win It.


* We’ve got a promo here on YouTube for ABC’s new show Take the Money and Run.

I’m surprised ABC hasn’t used this in their promos:


* Again, from Digital Spy. It seems The Playboy Club will be seen in Salt Lake City, on MyNetworkTV affiliate KMYU (which is not owned by Bonneville Communications). Somehow I’m not too surprised. If there is a profitable venture, someone will take it. I do applaud KSL for sticking to their morals.


* Last time, I told you that Jeff Probst would be getting his own talk show in fall of 2012. Well, The Los Angeles Times claims that it’s going to be on CBS. This means another soap is likely to go off the air, or heaven forbid, either Price or Deal. I don’t know what this means, but I’ll share more as it comes.


And we’ll see what develops tomorrow.


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