Response: July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day, everyone. We’ve got some news for you.

* First off, we continue to follow The Playboy Club controversy. According to,  an anti-porn foundation wants the show off the air. I don’t blame them one bit. I want this show off the air as well. It’s just not decent. If you feel the same, you can do what I did. Go to “Close the Club on NBC” and send an e-mail to your local affiliate plus others in the organization asking them to pull the show.


* From The Los Angeles Times…… Google is in talks of buying Hulu. Other possible buyers include Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc.

Now, as you know, Google currently owns YouTube, a site that I use often. If they were to buy Hulu……. well, there’s a whole bunch of videos on YT already about this. I’m going to point you to my friend The Real Weekly News. 

As for me, should Google buy this, I hope they keep the same laissez-faire policy YouTube has. No mandatory subscription fees.


* Not much in game show news today, but I do have something. Today was the world premiere of the 1988-1994 network revival of Family Feud. However, Michael Tiller uploaded the premiere 3 years ago, so it has those awful bumpers on it.  So, here is the syndicated premiere from September 19, 1988 (courtesy of ).

Sadly, Ray Combs committed suicide at the age of 40. It’s a shame, too.


* This comes from Broadcasting and Cable. ABC soap All My Children’s last episode will be broadcast Friday, Sept. 23. The replacement on Monday……. The Chew. Yes, there’s going to be another talk show.

(insert “Blue Screen of Death” here)

It’s probably just as well. I haven’t really been watching AMC, and I don’t think I’ll be watching The Chew either.


And because today is Independence Day, here are a few selected pieces from that patriotic musical (starring Mr. Feeny of all people), 1776.


* And one more thing. 41 years ago today, an American institution premiered on the radio, hosted by Casey Kasem. It’s now hosted by that guy from American Idol. I am referring, of course, to American Top 40.


Happy Independence Day.



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