Ford’s Escape Routes (or Everything Old is New Again)

Hi there. Remember that new show Rossi wanted me to promote? Well here it is: Escape Routes.  (Disclaimer: I have not been paid by the Ford Motor Company, NBCUniversal, or Rossi to promote this. Rossi said he’d love to have me promote it, and since he was nice enough to give me an interview, I thought I’d return the favor.)

For those of you who didn’t watch the video, 6  two-person teams will be going to 6 cities and competing in challenges for $100,000 cash and a pair of 2013 Ford Escapes. You, the audience member, are invited to sign up for a team and potentially win some prizes, including this new SUV Ford is promoting. I’ve signed up to support a pair of Eagle Scout brothers. If you’d like to join me, then you may sign up here. Please sign up, I’d really appreciate it.

Now, this is nothing new. In fact, back in the 50s, this was done all the time. I’ll show you what I mean.

And of course who could forget this:


Now just to be clear, I’m not making any implication that Escape Routes is or will be rigged.  It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

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