VIDEO BONUS: 40 Years Ago Today…..

Hello, everyone. Today is a very special day, and for good reason. 40 years ago today, 3 game shows premiered on CBS. One of them is, as you know, The Price is Right. Now I would have posted the first episode except Alex Davis beat me to it. So, I will be focusing a bit more on the two others. The first is Gambit, with Wink Martindale. Now the first episode of that does not exist to my knowledge. In fact, only one episode is posted to my knowledge, and here it is.


It was eventually revived in 1980 when NBC realized David Letterman would never take the place of Hollywood Squares. 


The 3rd game show that premiered on September 4th was The Joker’s Wild. That’s the game where “Knowledge is king and Lady Luck is queen”. It lasted 3 years on the Eye, but had a far more successful run of 9 years in syndication.


When it was syndicated, The Joker’s Wild was the first game show ever to offer a total prize pool of $1,000,000. Of course, the winner only got $250,000 for himself. The other $250,000 went to charity.


And so, we must honor these two game shows. Happy anniversary!


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