BREAKING NEWS: $ale of the Century Comes to GSN

Good morning. This just in, $ale of the Century is coming to GSN on April 1st. Here’s the promo to prove it.

Now for those of you that may not read this blog regularly, I wrote a petition last year (which James Williamson has promoted the heck out of) asking GSN to acquire the rights to this show and Scrabble. Now I don’t think Scrabble’s going to happen because half the rights to that belong to Hasbro, but this is excellent news!

Of course, knowing GSN, it might be just one cycle of 50 episodes that gets repeated over and over. Still, it’s better than nothing! Thank you, GSN!


UPDATE: It’s been confirmed via that other blog  and GSN itself that the order picked up is 65 episodes of the daytime version from 1988-89 with the Winner’s Big Money Game and Don Morrow as announcer. Expect to see something like this, only in much better quality.



If you want to see more, watch it every day.

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