Review: “The Winner Is”


I’m sorry I haven’t been so forward in updating my blog. I have a new job working at my local public TV station, and not much has been happening with the interview front. Anyway, I’d like to tell you about a new show that’s currently being “previewed” on NBC right now, it’s called The Winner Is. If you’ve been watching it, you know what I’m talking about. If not, I’ll now explain it to you.

There’s been a large emphasis in reality TV lately on performances, musical or otherwise. NBC, the network that gave you America’s Got Talent and The Voice (which has recently scored a series low 2.7 in the ratings, with a  4.3 rating for its finale, according to TV by the Numbers), now has another one that seeks to give out more immediate rewards for good singing. It’s called The Winner Is…, and is produced by Talpa Media, who also produces The Voice. The series is hosted by boy-band member Nick Lachey, who you probably figured was going to get this gig since he knows something about music.

In a nutshell, two amateur singers or groups of singers compete in sing-offs, much like the elimination rounds on that other show on the same network. Unlike that other show, you don’t need to be applying for a contract. This is for everybody, of all ages. The performances are of the typical kind seen on most performance-based shows. This means a lot of notes held for a really long time, a lot of belting, and…. well, I’ll just show you what I mean.

After both performances, a mysterious group of music lovers (expert or otherwise) known as “The 101” vote on who did better. Then, the scores are revealed. They’re not assigned to any particular performer just yet, because something new has been added! Money! Both players are offered a nominal bribe ($10,000 in Round 1, $25,000 in Round 2, and $50,000 in Round 3) to leave the game and let the other win. If neither of them take the money, the scores are finally assigned to their proper places and the loser goes home with nothing. As NBC’s official website itself says, “contestants must believe in their own performance, edge out their competition and avoid cash temptations to move forward”.

After each temptation and score reveal, the winner’s score is eligible for a “Fast Track” to the final round, where the winner of that musical duel will move on to the season finale and a shot at $1,000,000 in cash (plus bigger bribes).

You people watching at home can play along online by predicting who wins and who will take the money. If you sign up, you could possibly win $10,000 in cash. Details are here.

I watched the first preview episode with my mom, and even played along. (Disclosure: The network asked me to watch and play along. I’m part of their Peacock Panel. If you want to join, put a comment up and I’ll forward you a survey sometime.) I kept thinking people would take the money each time, but sadly I was wrong until the final round. Overall, I’ll watch for the Million Dollar Finale, but I’m not watching the whole series. I guess the reason why is because there are too many music-based competitions on TV already, especially on NBC.


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