Tribute to Geoff Edwards and Jim Lange

Greetings, game show fans and passengers. This is your captain speaking. I’ve been in recluse, but I felt the need to come here today to honor two very important men in the game show industry. I am, of course, referring to Geoff Edwards (February 15, 1931 – March 5, 2014) and Jim Lange (August 15, 1932 – February 25, 2014).

I had a chance to “friend” Geoff on Facebook, but he didn’t want any friend suggestions. His exact words were, “Hi Greg, I appreciate the effort, but please don’t suggest any more friends to me, or I’ll take away your BRAND NEW CAR!!”

That was Geoff. He always knew how to turn up the drama and throw in the twists, just like on the show he’s best known for, [The New] Treasure Hunt. I would post an episode of that, but you’ve already seen every one on YouTube. So, I will post one that he’s not well known for…. The Big Spin.



There is someone who is far more qualified to tell you about his career, and that is Adam Nedeff. You may check his page here. His son Chess offers this eulogy on Geoff’s FB page.

“Dear friends, fans and supporters of my dear Dad,

Thank you for all your loving support and beautiful remembrances of Geoff. He lived a blessed life and those of you who knew and loved him were a big part of that blessing.

Many have asked about a memorial service for Geoff. The family has decided to honor Geoff with a small family gathering and to not hold a public service. We believe that Geoff would have wanted it this way.

For as public a figure as my father was, he was never one for such public rituals. He even stopped celebrating birthdays some 30 years ago because for him everyday was special. Even during the holidays, Dad was perturbed by the idea that we should all feel so obligated to gather on one particular day to celebrate our love for each other. His idea was that we should just have a big long season called “The Holidays” and each family would choose their own time and place to gather in celebration. It would alleviate so much heartache and hassle and for my Dad, the particular day was superfluous.

He wasn’t a fan of preschool graduations, commercialized holidays or even his own birthday. He never wanted others to feel obligated to show up and show respect or have to say the right thing when, to his mind, those things should be happening in our hearts all the time.

So, we will be holding sacred and honoring space for Geoff in our own hearts together as a family with a small and precious gathering. We ask that you do the same, as you have been doing; celebrate Geoff Edwards in your own hearts in your own way and in your own time. That’s what my Dad would want.

Toast him with a margarita, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and be thankful, extend a kindness to a stranger, do the right thing even when it is hard, laugh, travel, explore and have the courage to do whatever that thing is that you’re afraid to do. That is how you can perhaps best honor Geoff, for those are some of the things that always brought him most alive.

Thank you again from our entire family for all your love and care and beautiful honoring. Geoff was a tremendously blessed man for having known you all in his way and for being able to play a part in your life’s joy.

Blessings Be, Chess


Now, as for Jim Lange…. I personally have not spoken to him either.

Jim was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and started in radio after a stint in the Marines. His first national TV exposure was The Dating Game. His other game shows included $100,000 Name That TuneThe $1,000,000 Chance of a LifetimeHollywood ConnectionBullseye and the ABC version of The New Newlywed Game, as well as short-lived shows including, Spin-OffTriple Threat and Give-n-Take. To show or mention all of his work here would take a lifetime. However, since GSN already aired a Dating Game marathon, here is something from one of his other well-known shows.


What surprises me is that GSN has made effort with Mr. Lange, but not with Mr. Edwards. And even then, the tribute for Mr. Lange only consisted of Dating Game episodes with celebrities in them. Are they that concerned with ratings?

Both of these hosts will be missed deeply, not just for their warmth and character, but also because of their professionalism. Rest in peace, gentlemen.

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