Summer 2017

Hello, folks. Yes, it’s been a while. Not much has been happening. However, someone has asked if this blog is dead. No, it is not. Blogs do not die. As long as people keep reading them, they live on.

Today, we take a look at the Summer 2017 TV schedules. Most of the game show action centers on Sunday,  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Come this summer, ABC is the place to be for game shows. Starting at 8PM, we have Celebrity Family Feud, which is actually regular Family Feud with celebrities. I mean, it’s two half-hours of Steve Harvey’s Feud. Steve Harvey is the  scourge of the game show universe, if you ask me. His Feud is about as funny as a dirty movie. You laugh, but you feel guilty afterwards. The one redeeming factor is in the first few minutes, when Burton Richardson introduces the first two teams and Steve.

At 9:00, we have The $100,000 Pyramid. Now, this is actually a very good show, when you have the right celebrities, like Kathy Najimy or Coolio. Unfortunately, ABC tends to push their own stars on the show, people who have probably never seen the show in their lives. Take this (sorry for the bad quality and small size):

The poor contestant, having to deal with that kind of stupidity. This wouldn’t have happened with Betty White or Charlie Siebert, let me tell you. We need celebrities who are smart enough to play the game and take the giving side at the Winners’ Circle.

Moving on to 10 PM, there’s Match Game, hosted by Alec Baldwin. Now, I like this version, for the most part. The show itself is very faithful to the original format. Alec’s a good host, and a lot of the celebrities are witty. Now, if you’re ever a contestant, here’s a hint for you: there’s always going to be one question in there that refers to genitalia. If you get that question, just say the word and you’re a winner! “Penis”, “vagina”, or “clitoris” will always be the right answer to at least one question. One of my friends, Doug Morris, has suggested that this show could be headed for late night, which is probably true, considering it’s on at 10 PM.

Meanwhile, on CBS at 8PM, there’s Big Brother. Technically, it’s a reality show, but there are enough games here to where I consider it a game show. I’ve been following the Canadian version (when I can, on YouTube), and they’re killing the U.S. version, even with the North American rules. Their houses are more unique (they’ve got a spaceship theme this year), and they’re offering more twists (including Backwards Week and an international-style nomination ceremony). I’ll still be watching the U.S. version, and hopefully, they’ll shake things up this year.


Only big thing to report here is To Tell the Truth at 10PM. Are you wondering why it’s there? Here’s a clue:

That’s why. When you have Betty White asking about sexting, then you know the show has to be moved to 10PM. This sort of crap would’ve never gone down with Messrs. Collyer, Moore, Garagiola, Ward, Elliott, Swann, or Trebek. OK, maybe John O’Hurley, but I think we can forgive him. This is Truth, almost in name only. A little too loose for me, thank you.


At 8PM on CBS, it’s the Power of Veto episode of Big Brother. Nothing more to say here, except I look forward to the competitions. All this strategy talk is boring. I’ll still be waiting for those comps. Those are fun.


8PM on ABC, it’s Battlebots. Plenty of rock’em, sock’em action, once you fast forward past the backstories and the robots entering the arena. Those 3-minute-or-less moments of mayhem are enough to make any Thursday night enjoyable.

Then, at 9, switch over to the Eye Network for the Live Eviction episode of Big Brother. 


That’s what I’ll be watching, and I hope you will, too.

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I'm an average guy who loves game shows and interviewing people.
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